Perimeter Trail

Ouray's most popular trail circles the city and includes varied terrain and features.

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Ouray Hiking Trails

Trails in Ouray County vary considerably in their nature and origins depending on where they are. The southern part of the county is characterized by steep rugged terrain that is heavily mineralized. Trails in this region were generally created by early miners, beginning in the mid 1870s and continuing for several decades thereafter. The northern half of the County is less steep with densely wooded terrain and an agricultural heritage of farms and ranches. Both halves offer unique and interesting hiking options that will vary with the season of the year.

The current 84 trails maintained by the Trail Group have somewhat arbitrarily been divided into six subgroups as described below. The Perimeter Trail and others that can be accessed from the City of Ouray have each been assigned their own page. The rest are divided into four groupings based on the direction of the trailheads from Ouray. We hope this arrangement will help the visitor plan the most efficient exploration of this special area.