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Old Horsethief


The trailhead begins about two tenths of a mile north of the Ouray Visitor's Center on the east side of Highway 550, across from the Timber Ridge Lodge and north of Sky Rocket Creek: Parking is available at the trailhead. 

This trail was re-opened during the summer of 2004. The trail had washed out in the "blowout" area over the years, and it took a great deal of repair to get it in shape for hiking again. The Ouray Trail Group, in cooperation with the USFS, planned and executed the work in an effort to get the last remaining "old" trail out of Ouray opened to public access.


From the trailhead, the trail switchbacks up talus slopes, crosses the "blowout" and Bridalveil Creek and then passes near the Wanakah, Johnathan, Schofield and American Nettie mines on "Gold Hill" while climbing to an intersection with the new Horsethief Trail before continuing on to the Bridge of Heaven. It is 2.8 miles from the trailhead to the intersection. There are tremendous views back down into Ouray and down the valley from this great trail, which has a history dating back to the earliest days of Ouray.

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Ouray Mountain Rescue, under the direction of the Ouray County Sheriff's Office, is always on call for assistance. The Rescue Team is a volunteer organization of mountaineers, technical climbers, paramedical personnel and a K-9 team. All are experienced in rescue techniques. In order to offset training and equipment expenses, tax-deductible donations are gratefully appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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