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Albany Loop Trail

Trail Details

Round Trip 3.6/4.6 miles
Starting Altitude 9,600ft
Highest Point 10,800/11,200ft
Elevation Gain 1,200/1,600ft
Round Trip 4-5 hours


The higher sections of this trail traverse cliff ledges, offering Hayden, Cañon Creek, the Sneffels Range and Twin Peaks.


The Ironton trails begin 7 miles south of Ouray on US 550; parking for Crystal Lake trailhead at the northern end of the Ironton valley is on the left, south of the St. Germain Foundation stone building. For the 3.6 mile Albany Loop, head southeast .2 mile along a dirt track past an aspen stand and a log building on the left.


Turn left and follow the road .7 mile to approximately 200' below the Lucky Twenty Mine. (The view across and down Hendrick Gulch makes this a rather special side trip.) Albany Loop goes right .5 mile uphill through forest, cliff and meadow to a high point. At the meadow just before the last short climb to the top, is the .5 mile Hendrick Gulch Spur, which offers a view of the lower Guadeloupe Mine across the gulch and - on the return - an unusual view of the Red Mountains. Follow gray diamonds and blazes downhill .2 mile; go left, then immediately turn right on an old mine road for the rest of the 2 mile descent. Albany Gulch - an avalanche chute and terrain trap - is crossed twice in the first mile - stay right on both. The second mile features good valley and mountain veiws to the west and a wet crossing on the way to the parking lot.

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