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Any member may be contacted by mail at our mailing address below. To order a Hiking Trails of Ouray County map or Hiking Ouray With Kids - And Everyone Else! book by mail, send a letter to "Ouray Trail Group, PO Box 50, Ouray CO 81427" requesting the map and/or book. Enclose $12.00 to cover the cost of the map, handling and mailing or $10.00 for the book. Both may be ordered for $20.00. Make your check out to: "Ouray Trail Group."

Board of Directors Contact Information

  • Bob Risch
    President: | 970.325.4205

    The President has overall responsibility for the Ouray Trail Group mission and objectives. He calls and presides over group meetings, assigns tasks and assures the group is functioning as prescribed in the articles of incorporation and bylaws. For meeting schedules, current activities, or general questions, contact Bob.

  • Ted Zegers
    Vice President: | 970.325.0730

    The Vice-President acts in the absence of the President. He actively works with the President and each of the Standing Committees and Liaisons to implement the mission and objectives.

  • Lisa Hickman
    Secretary: | 970.209.5246

    Lisa maintains and organizes the written record of OTG and its membership.

  • Hale Houts
    Treasurer: | 248.807.8613

    Hale maintains and organizes the financial aspects of OTG.

  • Ben Tisdel
    Nordic Council chair:

    Ben communicates and coordinates Nordic trail activities, including publicity, membership and the annual fund raising Ouray Nordic Council dinner.

  • Hale Houts
    FRONT COUNTRY TRAIL WORK: | 248.807.8613

    Hale determines what trails need work, type of work to be completed, tools and equipment needed and when that work is to be done. He contacts members to set up a group of workers for each project.

  • John Hulburd

    John determines trail work needed in Wilderness areas and when that work is to be done. He contacts members to set up a group of workers for each project.

  • Chris Haaland
    TECHNICAL ADVISOR: | 970.318.0317

    Chris advises the board on trail and structural engineering.

  • J. Gary Dunn
    PUBLICITY: | 970.318.1090

    Gary manages the publicity for the Ouray Trail Group with articles about the group and its special activities placed in local newspapers and publications.

  • Karen Risch
    PUBLICATION SALES: | 970.325.4205

    Karen directs the sales of our two publications, the Hiking Trails of Ouray County Map, and book, Hiking Ouray with Kids, which she has written. She leads and coordinates the work required in the publication of new editions of each.

  • Steve Boyle

    Steve coordinates Ouray Trail Group activities and needs with the Forest Service.

Membership Information

The membership of the Ouray Trail Group is voluntary, and new members are always welcome. To join OTG and be placed on an email list to receive notice of meeting dates, projects, and more, click below.

Ouray Trail Group Ouray Colorado

PO Box 50 | Ouray, CO 81427 |

We are a non-profit corporation of volunteers, founded in 1986, dedicated to the preservation and safe public use of Ouray County's trails, working in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, Ouray Ranger District. Copyright 2019 Ouray Trail Group.

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