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Cascade - The Upper Cascade Falls and Chief Ouray Mine Trail - #213

Trail Details

Round Trip 5.5/4.9 miles
Starting Altitude 7,900/8,400ft
Highest Point 10,000ft
Elevation Gain 2,100/1,600ft
Round Trip 5-6 hours


The higher sections of this trail traverse cliff ledges, offering Hayden, Cañon Creek, the Sneffels Range and Twin Peaks. Lunch at the falls in a sheltered north-facing crossing is a fine experience. Beyond the falls, the trail to the Chief Ouray Mine requires due caution. The mine is at approximately 10,000 feet elevation. Preserve the buildings by not defacing or destroying any item. Round trip from the camp ground to the Chief Ouray Mine is 4.9 miles with an altitude gain of 1,560 feet.

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