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Corbett - Dallas Loop

Trail Details

Round Trip 6.0 miles
Starting Altitude 7,600ft
Highest Point 9,600ft
Elevation Gain 2,000ft
Round Trip 5-6 hours


The Corbett trailhead and the Dallas east trailhead share a single location. Drive 2.1 miles north of Ouray Hot Springs Pool on Hwy 550, then left across the Uncompahgre River. Immediately after the bridge, turn sharp right along the river. After 1.4 miles, the trailhead is on the left just after crossing Corbett Creek. Parking: Along the road at the trailhead.


Combining the first part of the Dallas Trail and the Corbett Trail provides a six-mile round trip hike with varied scenery and a 2,000 foot altitude gain. The trails start off on switchbacks along red cliff ledges, with views across the valley. Use caution on these sections. Farther on, there are glimpses down into the gorge of Corbett Creek.

The trails divide at 0.9 mile; the Dallas branches right (north) and the Corbett goes straight ahead. Making the loop by going up Corbett and back on Dallas gives the best viewpoints, and you will be going up on the steeper sections of the route, which is generally easier. The Corbett Trail begins climbing very steeply but soon provides rewarding views of the impressive east face of Whitehouse Mountain. Farther along may be views of several waterfalls in the Corbett Creek gorge, especially in the Spring. These panoramas are unobstructed after you have come 0.5 mile from the Dallas junction. There, the trail levels out as the Sequin Mine is reached, which is a good spot for lunch or camping.

Above the mine, the trail winds through scrub oak and up a ravine to the junction with the Corbett Canyon Trail (1.6 miles), climbs a ridge at 9,600' and descends through forest. Stay right when you reach the Shortcut Trail junction. (The Shortcut Trail branches left, and intersects the Dallas Trail further to the west.) You will meet the Dallas Trail again along a small stream at 2.7 miles. After passing mine ruins, the slope is steeper again until the loop is completed at Corbett Creek (4.3 miles).

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