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Corbett Canyon


The Corbett Canyon Trail can be accessed from either the Silvershield trailhead or Dallas trailhead.

From the Silvershield trailhead, take the Oak Creek trail at its junction (1.1 mile). Follow the Oak Creek trail up numerous switchbacks 1.5 miles to the Corbett Canyon trailhead. The Corbett Canyon Trail branches off to the right.

From the Dallas trailhead, climb 0.9 mile to the Corbett Trail and follow it for 1.6 miles to the Corbett Canyon trailhead. The Corbett Canyon Trail branches off to the left.


From the Silvershield to Dallas trailheads is a distance of 7.5 miles with an altitude gain of 2,170 feet. Starting at the Oak Creek/Corbett Canyon junction, turn right and look for new blazes 100 feet up the trail while crossing a small boulder field. At 0.7 mile, there are great views of Whitehouse and "No Name" mountain to the west. At 0.9 mile, the trail crosses Omaha Creek and ascends a small ridge. Some route finding is required at this point. From the ridge, where there are two gray diamond markers on a large stump, the trail turns left and heads down to an open meadow with red logs near a large boulder. Follow the trail to the right (look for small rock cairns) and uphill to a single large aspen tree with a diamond marker.

Beautiful Lake Lenore and the top of Courthouse Mountain are visible to the east. At 1.4 miles, the trail passes a small hunting camp and a small spring flowing out of a PVC pipe on the left side of the trail. Caution: treat the water before drinking. The rugged canyon of Corbett Creek is below the trail to the right.

At Corbett Creek, the trail follows the south side of the creek for 450 feet before entering the creek at 1.6 miles. Stay in the creek bed for about 175 feet and look for gray diamond markers on the left to mark the trail exit from the creek. After another 0.5 mile the trail crosses Pryor Creek and then continues through a large hunting camp at 2.2 miles. The trail ends at the junction with the Corbett Trail in a large aspen grove at 2.3 miles. Take the Corbett Trail to the right for the shortest route to the Dallas trailhead on the River Road (County Road 17). A mile longer route can be taken by turning left on the Corbett Trail to its junction with the Dallas Trail, and then turning right to the Dallas and its trailhead on the River Road.


This trip is not advised early in the spring due to the three stream crossings and the distance the trail travels down the middle of Corbett Creek.

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