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Sutton Overlook / Neosho Mine

Trail Details

Round Trip 13.5/4.5 miles
Starting Altitude 8,100ft
Highest Point 9,000ft
Elevation Gain 900ft
Round Trip 3-4 hours

The Sutton Mine Trail has yet to be approved by the Forest Service, and thus is not open to the mine at this time. However, the trail is open to an overlook of the Bear Creek Falls and gorge from the west side of the Uncompahgre River. Then, beyond the overlook, the trail extends to the Neosho Mine (have you seen the laundry hanging by a building across the gorge above Bear Creek Falls, and the "Antiques" sign?).


Departing Ouray on Highway 550 south, turn right after the first switchback onto the Camp Bird Road (CR 361). The trailhead will be found on the left, about half way up Jim Brown Hill (the more or less straight part of the road where you can look down on the town of Ouray, to the right). There is limited parking at the trailhead. If full, park near the powder house below the bridge over the Uncompahgre.


The round trip to the overlook and back is only about 4 miles, with a 900 foot altitude gain enroute. The first one half mile is steep, but provides a beautiful view of Ouray. The next 1.3 miles are gentle and follow along the top of the bench above the Uncompahgre River gorge to the overlook. To continue on the the Neosho and its well preserved "Antiques 9-5:30" blacksmith shop and boardinghouse, go right over the two Ralston Creek gorges another .5 mile. This section offers a unique view of Bear Creek gorge and falls.

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