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The Ouray Trail Group is a non-profit corporation of volunteers, founded in 1986, dedicated to the preservation and safe public use of Ouray County's trails.  Our members take a stewardship role in protecting, preserving and maintaining the natural and recreational resources we all enjoy.

This site provides information and updates on the 84 mapped and maintained trails available to hikers in Ouray County. Exploring this website will give the visitor a sense of the incredible scenery and history to be discovered along these trails. It is not, however, intended to convey all the information necessary and desirable for a safe hiking experience. The map and guide described on another page is an essential reference in this rugged and complex terrain.

For planning purposes, trails have been organized into six categories or regions, although there will necessarily be some overlap. We hope these pages are helpful in ensuring the visitor a quality recreational experience in the time available here. Feedback on hiker experiences and trail conditions is always welcome and can be left here.

2020 Wilderness and Backcountry Work Schedule Announced!

This season's wilderness and backcountry work schedule has been announced.  Click the Volunteer tab in the menu bar to learn more about these great volunteer opportunities!


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The 13th Edition of Hiking Trails of Ouray County and the Uncompahgre Wilderness map is now available for digital download on Avenza.  Click Here! or use the QR code below.


Latest Updates

A Word from the Ouray Trail Group: Social Distancing for Trail Users

As spring advances and trail use ramps up, we need to remember government directives to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.  Hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers need to cooperate more than ever to share the trails and make user encounters as safe as possible.  Trail users should forego signing in to registers at trailheads for now.  To maintain social distancing, trail users need to step off the trail to let others pass.

Hikers should distance at least 6 feet when passing each other.  But what about trail athletes, who are working (and breathing) harder?  Dr. John Unger is a sports chiropractor in Montrose who is a member of the Wilderness Medicine Society and a competitive trail runner.  Based on published medical literature, Dr. Unger notes that trail users breathing hard, such as runners and mountain bikers, exhale a larger “plume” of tiny vapor droplets around and especially behind them.  He and other health experts recommend that hard exercisers keep a greater distance from others, 20 to 30 feet, to minimize the potential spread of the virus.  Wind can further spread the droplets that trail users exhale.

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The membership of the Ouray Trail Group is voluntary, and new members are always welcome. To join OTG and be placed on an email list to receive notice of meeting dates, projects, and more, click below.

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We are a non-profit corporation of volunteers, founded in 1986, dedicated to the preservation and safe public use of Ouray County's trails, working in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, Ouray Ranger District. Copyright 2019 Ouray Trail Group.

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