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Corbett Canyon Work Complete!

On Sept. 12-13 seven OTG volunteers teamed with 2 San Juan Hut System staff, a U.S. Forest Service recreation ranger, and 2 Forest Service interns funded by the Southwest Conservation Corps to provide much-needed maintenance on the Corbett Canyon Trail west of Ouray.This 2.3-mile trail connecting the Corbett Trail to the Oak Creek Trail crosses Corbett Canyon and a high ridge with subalpine meadows and terrific mountain views. ​

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Ouray High School Workday

Ouray High School Workday

Ouray High School held its annual Community Service Day last Friday.  Students were given a choice of four non-profits to work with that day. Approximately 30 students joined 15 OTG volunteers in building the new section of the Ouray Perimeter Trail.  OTG provided lunch for students, teachers, and volunteers on a beautiful chilly fall day.  Thank you to the OTG volunteers who helped make the day a success:  Hale Houts, Steve Boyle, Norb Green, Kent Struble, Tony Hoag, Bob Risch, Debbie Mudge, Debra Houts, Lisa Hickman, Jill Parisi, Charlie Winger, Tom Augustitus, Mike Pelkey, Dennis White, and.    Click "Read More" to see additional photos from the work day.  

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Volunteers Are Building Trail!

The land exchange is complete, the Forest Service has approved the route, and OTG volunteers have begun building the new section of Perimeter Trail between Old Twin Peaks Trail and Oak St. Flagging the route, rock removal and the installation of steps have been some of the first steps in the process. The tread is only "roughed in" at this time. Click on the Volunteer tab for information on how you can help.


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OTG Report to the US Forest Service: Mid-Season 2020

From late March through July 2020, the Ouray Trail Group (OTG) fielded 31 separate work trips on National Forest trails in the Ouray Ranger District. The trips included 3 multi-day trips and 28 single-day trips. Sixty volunteers contributed at minimum 1,168 volunteer hours organizing trips and performing trail maintenance on the National Forest. Through July OTG has cleared 445 down trees from 58 miles of trail, removed encroaching brush and saplings, and repaired tread by removing rocks and debris, removing slough and restoring tread width and outslope, cleaning drains, building new drains including rolling grade dips, and blocking or filling short sections of multiple treads and switchback shortcuts. 

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Middle Fork Trail Work Weekend a Huge Success!

Eleven OTG crew members spent three days on the Middle Fork Trail, teaming with USFS personnel and pack horse support. The group repaired tread and fixed eroded trail sections, in addition to clearing 40 downed trees on the Middle Fork Trail and 10 trees on the Porphyry Trail!  The Backcountry Crew is looking forward to their next work weekend on August 15th and 16th (see Volunteer tab).  Click Read More below to see additional photos!

Kricket Sherer, USFS, works with Tim Foulkes to repair a cairn on the trail.

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