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Oak Creek- The Oak Creek Overlook Trail


The Oak Creek and Twin Peaks Trails share a common trailhead. Go to Oak Street, which parallels Main Street on the west side of the Uncompahgre River. 3rd or 7th Avenues will take you across the river. Go up Oak Street to the top of the hill to Queen Street, which heads west. Take Queen Street one block and turn left on South Pinecrest Drive for the route to the trailhead. Parking: Without 4WD, you will need to park on Oak Street, or in the limited space before going up South Pinecrest Drive, because the road is steep, rough and deeply rutted beyond the houses. With 4WD and high clearance, you may wish to try for the limited parking spaces near the trailhead.


Round trip to the overlook is 6.2 miles with an altitude gain of 2,400 feet. The two trails are the same for 0.9 mile. At 0.6 mile is a big slab rock giving an overlook of Cañon Creek and on up to U.S. Mountain. Leaving the junction with the Twin Peaks Trail at 1.0 mile, the left fork takes you up into Oak Creek Gorge and beyond. The picturesque canyon is reached in 0.5 mile; soon the falls are glimpsed. This crossing may be impassable at high water. Probably the best place to cross is 25 yards upstream from where the trail first reaches creek level. In less than 0.2 mile beyond the crossing, keep alert for glimpses of a staircase of waterfalls on the left. Another steep stretch of 0.2 mile brings you to two mine portals--a nice place for a break. From the mines you enter some dense forest, then an open meadow where care is needed for route finding. Look for two trees with silver diamond trail markers to follow the trail.

The scenic overlook with a large rock fin is one mile from the mines and is a great lunch spot. The view spans a glorious 180 degrees from this point, and a high waterfall can be seen up towards Whitehouse Mountain. Ouray and the Amphitheater are to the east, and US Highway 550 can be seen down in the Uncompahgre gorge.

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Mount Abram


The Mount Abram Trail is not a defined trail at this time. However, there are several ways of approaching the mountain. Two are described here:

First, is access from the end of the Brown Mountain jeep road. From that point, climb to the ridgeline and follow the ridge north to the top of Abram.

Second, is access from the north end of Ironton Park. There are trails on either side of Hendrick Creek which, though not always well defined, will take you to the Lucky Twenty Mine. From there it is a scramble to the top of Abram.


Changing views of Ironton Park, the Red Mountain and Uncompahgre gorges, and the surrounding mountains are with you all the way.

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The OH Point Cut-Off

This trail branches off a mile or so above the South Fork trail sign and proceeds right to Oh Point. The trail is not well defined. Jeeps and other 4-wheel drive vehicles can often be spotted out on Oh Point, well to the right of Engineer Pass, with their occupants enjoying the view, which includes looking DOWN on Mt. Abram to the west.

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Call 911

Ouray Mountain Rescue, under the direction of the Ouray County Sheriff's Office, is always on call for assistance. The Rescue Team is a volunteer organization of mountaineers, technical climbers, paramedical personnel and a K-9 team. All are experienced in rescue techniques. In order to offset training and equipment expenses, tax-deductible donations are gratefully appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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