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Perimeter Trail Bridge Progress

Following a successful $50,000 fundraiser and another $100,000 in very generous Foundation donations in 2014, major progress has been made toward meeting these final objectives. If all goes well, in 2015 the final obstacles will be overcome and the Perimeter Trail finally completed as envisioned.

A specialist in both suspension bridge design and trail construction, engineer Chris Haaland created the design for the unique bridge and staircase to cross Oak Creek in a truly amazing location. The trails into and out of the canyon were completed in 2014 but the bridge installation was delayed awaiting Forest Service approval. Helicopter transport of the bridge materials into the canyon is now tentatively scheduled for spring 2015. Stay tuned.

Other projects the Trail Group are considering are improved trails to both the historic Portland Mine and the more-recent Zanett Tunnel, both of which penetrate the Amphitheater east of Ouray. Another planned project is the restoration of the Ptarmigan Lake trail, which was one of the many routes used by early miners traveling between Silverton, Telluride and Ouray. Planning for these trail projects is conducted in cooperation with the Uncompahgre District of the Forest Service.

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