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Hiking Trail Conditions Update June 10, 2022

Trails and roads to trailheads below 10,500 feet elevation are mostly snow-free and accessible, but some snow patches persist in shaded or drifted areas. Above 10,500 feet elevation expect the possibility of snow or ice in places on trails. Streams are running lower than usual for this time of year from snowmelt, but some stream crossings may be dangerous or impassable.

Trail Maintenance

Volunteers with the Ouray Trail Group or other Forest Service collaborators have cleared down trees and brush and repaired the tread surface of the following trails this season:

Alpine Mine Trail- entire
Bear Creek Trail- rough preliminary repair to a blowout section 2 miles up from Highway 550 Trailhead Blain Basin Trail- to first basin near treeline
Corbett Trail- entire
Corbett Canyon Trail- entire
Dallas Trail- from County Rd 17 Trailhead to 2.5 miles up, and County Rd 7 Trailhead 2 miles east Dexter Creek Trail- from Trailhead to 2.2 miles up
Horsethief Trail- from Trailhead to Bridge of heaven
Ice Park Trail- entire
Oak Creek Trail- from Pinecrest Rd Trailhead up 1 mile to junction with Twin Peaks Trail, and

from Silvershield Trail junction to Corbett Canyon Trail junction Old Horsethief Trail- entire
Old Twi Peaks Trail- entire
Perimeter Trail- entire

Portland Trail and connector to Upper Cascade Trail- entire Silvershield Trail- entire
Sutton-Neosho Trail- entire
Twin Peaks Trail-entire

Upper Cascade Trail- entire
Weehawken Trail- from County Rd 362 Trailhead to about 1 mile above junction with Alpine Mine Trail

NOTE: Conditions change daily, and you may encounter newly fallen trees or other obstacles on these trails. Other trails likely have down trees or other obstacles in places, particularly in drier forests below 10,000 feet elevation. Most are easily bypassed but be careful. To report trail problems, go to our website at


Other Trail Notes

The Blue Lakes Trail from the County Road 7 Trailhead has several down trees that can be bypassed. Expect some snow and ice on trail near and around the lower lake.

The Oak Creek Trail has large numbers of down trees on the northern section between the Silvershield Trail junction and the saddle over Twin Peaks Ridge. The Ouray trail Group hopes to clear that trail on June 16.

The U.S. Forest Service has closed the Richmond Trail from the Highway 550 Trailhead to the junction with the Full Moon Trail until approximately December to protect public safety during reclamation of the nearby Irene Mine. The upper Richmond Trail and Richmond Pass can still be reached via the Full Moon Trail.

Remember to respect other trail users and yield to equestrians, pack out your trash, be prepared for mountain weather, and let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back.

To contact the Ouray Trail Group Trail Maintenance Team: 

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