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Cimarron - The West Fork of the Cimarron Road

The West Fork road departs from the Owl Creek Pass road (County Road 10) at about 0.3 mile east of Owl Creek Pass. Turn right on this road for 1.6 miles and the Courthouse and Courthouse Mountain trailhead is on your right. The Stealey Mountain Trail can be accessed from the Courthouse trail, and it can take you left to a trailhead on Cow Creek or right to a trailhead on the Owl Creek Pass road, about two miles below the pass on the west side.

The Wetterhorn Basin trailhead is reached by continuing on the West Fork road for another 1.8 miles. However, at about 0.5 mile the road becomes 4WD, only, and you will cross the West Fork at about 1.1 miles.

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