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Beaver / Belfast Mine

Trail Details

Round Trip .8 miles
Starting Altitude 9,900ft
Highest Point 10,000ft
Elevation Gain 100ft
Round Trip .5 hours


The Ironton trails begin 7 miles south of Ouray on US 550; parking for Crystal Lake trailhead at the northern end of the Ironton valley is on the left, south of the St. Germain Foundation stone building. Go further south .9 mile to the Larson Brothers mine. Park there. The trailhead is on the right.


A short morning's trip, the trail features an historic display, ample parking and views of the Ironton valley and mining structures framed by three Red Mountains. The .4 mile path begins to the west across a mine dump just past the Mears Historic Trail, then heads southwest to the crumbling mine and a good view across Ironton park.