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How well are the trails maintained?

These trails are normally maintained in reasonagble condition. Roads and trails can change drastically as a result of severe weather, so you may encounter problems not existing at the time the information about the trails was printed herein. New information we receive is posted in the TRAIL UPDATES page on this web site, so if you have information to give us, go the the FORM on the "Contact Us" page, or e-mail Bob Risch. You may also check with the Ouray and Ridgway Visitor Centers for updates on current conditions.

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Call 911

Ouray Mountain Rescue, under the direction of the Ouray County Sheriff's Office, is always on call for assistance. The Rescue Team is a volunteer organization of mountaineers, technical climbers, paramedical personnel and a K-9 team. All are experienced in rescue techniques. In order to offset training and equipment expenses, tax-deductible donations are gratefully appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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