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From Main Street inOuray, take 7th Avenue west across the Uncompahgre River; turn right on the River Road. The trailhead is 1.2 miles north, just south of the Silvershield Mill. The trail starts up the hill to the west of the new subdivision.


This trail provides a scenic connection with the Twin Peaks and Oak Creek trails above Ouray. Round trip to the Twin Peaks Trail junction and overlook is 4.6 miles with an altitude gain of 1,680 feet. The start is fairly steep, but after 0.3 mile you come to an overlook and memorial with an imposing view of numerous old mines across the valley. The trail ascends into the forest, reaching a junction with the Oak Creek Trail at 1.1 miles. Follow the left fork another 0.3 mile where the trail again gives good views across the valley. After passing Rock of Ages Mine, you will come out in the open at 2 miles. Straight ahead will be a grand view of Ouray, the Uncompahgre Gorge, and Cañon Creek. Pick up the trail along the cliffs and you will find the junction with The Twin Peaks Trail at 2.3 miles.

From this junction, you can take a pleasant loop with varied scenery southward to Oak Street, near Box Cañon. A return north along the river completes a 6.2 mile round trip.


Parts of the trail are close to steep cliffs which demand caution. Keep children close to you so they do not run ahead into danger.